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marvel zombies t shirt

    marvel zombies
  • Marvel Zombies is a five-issue limited series published from December 2005 to April 2006 by Marvel Comics. The series was written by Robert Kirkman with art by Sean Phillips and covers by Arthur Suydam.

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  • jersey: a close-fitting pullover shirt

  • T Shirt is a 1976 album by Loudon Wainwright III. Unlike his earlier records, this (and the subsequent 'Final Exam') saw Wainwright adopt a full blown rock band (Slowtrain) - though there are acoustic songs on T-Shirt, including a talking blues.

  • A short-sleeved casual top, generally made of cotton, having the shape of a T when spread out flat

  • A T-shirt (T shirt or tee) is a shirt which is pulled on over the head to cover most of a person's torso. A T-shirt is usually buttonless and collarless, with a round neck and short sleeves.

marvel zombies t shirt - Marvel Zombies

Marvel Zombies 2 (v. 2)

Marvel Zombies 2 (v. 2)

Forty years have passed and the zombies have come back home after eating just about everything else in the universe. Yum yum! What awaits them back on Earth, though, is beyond anything even these shambling monstrosities could have conceived! The Marvel characters that became last year's unexpected smash hit are back and more stomach-churning than ever! Plus: At last - witness the birth of the Marvel Zombies! Kirkman and Phillips pull out all the stops as they reveal the secret story of the day the Marvel Heroes became brain-eating monsters! Want to see the Avengers eat Jarvis? You won't get that in New Avengers, effendi! Collects Marvel Zombies 2 #1-5.

81% (11)

Trying to eat Robert Kirkman's brain

Trying to eat Robert Kirkman's brain

Robert Kirkman....he doesn't like being called "That zombie guy" but really he's done The Walking Dead and Marvel Zombies so in my mind he's up there with Romero, Brooks and well a bunch of other zombie people I can't think of at the moment. I'm sad I didn't put down my bag and raise my arms or something but still his expression and mine are priceless.

He also signed my copy of The Walking Dead "Nice Shirt"



I loved the original Marvel Zombies, can't wait to read this one. I didn't even know it existed or I would have already. Also, for as big of a fan of zombie preparedness as I am, I actually don't have either of the movies or my own copy of the survival guide yet. This stuff was chosen perfectly, and the Woot shirt came from a week when I was luckily too poor to afford buying it, or I would already own it.

marvel zombies t shirt

marvel zombies t shirt

Marvel Zombies 4

The acclaimed creative team behind Marvel Zombies 3 returns with another adventure that takes place in the Marvel U! The vampire. The witch. The werewolf. The muck-monster. The devil. They're nobody's idea of heroes, but they're all that stands between our world and an unstoppable apocalypse! They're the new Midnight Sons, and their quest to track down the undead who escaped from A.R.M.O.R. will lead them around the globe - and right to a cruise ship overrun with undead, undersea-dwelling cannibals! Can this monstrous team stop the "red tide" before it unleashes untold horror upon the mainland? Not if the Merc With Only a Mouth has anything to say about it! Yes, writer Fred Van Lente and artist Kev Walker - the guys who made say "Marvel Zombies 3 may actually rank as the best in the series" - are back again, unleashing the flesh-eaters for another roller coaster ride of gore, action, gore, thrills, gore, and gore! Collects Marvel Zombies 4 #1-4.

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